I am constantly amazed at the power of social media and the influence that it can bring to bear on organizations, both large and small. Some organizations have used it to great advantage while others have abused it and have had their abuse come back and bite them in the nether regions. Some have ignored it altogether but, as a friend of mine once said, “Sign up or be roadkill.” Social media, as part of Inbound Marketing, is a vital component of any organization’s marketing and promotion activities.

I had to replace a furnace recently and, as it is geothermal, it was not an inexpensive proposition (the lower operating costs far outweigh the initial cost however). I had narrowed down the selection to four potential vendors and I searched online for reviews and comments. Only one vendor had any comments and they were all negative, scattered across a number of blogs and forums (a half-dozen altogether). However, in each case, the vendor had reached out and engaged with the disgruntled customer and resolved the issue to the individual customer’s satisfaction. Had the vendor (WaterFurnace) not been monitoring the ‘Net for mentions and comments, they would not have found the unhappy customers and been able to resolve the issues. Furthermore, these issues were resolved in a public forum so that others could see how the issues were handled. Needless to say, I went with the WaterFurnace.

Your Favourite Good, Bad and Ugly

The above is a very small example. I want to highlight the larger successes and failures of companies in the social media marketing universe so I will be compiling, with your help, the “Top Ten Good, Bad and Ugly” List. I have started the list below with one in each category and invite you to make suggestions for your own favorites by leaving a comment to this post.

Good Bad Ugly
BlendTec Blenders Ocean Marketing Ocean Marketing

Please see the updated “Top Ten Good, Bad and Ugly” List