“Girls Around Me” was the name of an app available for smart phones that allowed an individual to find nearby people and their personal information. The app connected to publicly available information from Facebook and Foursquare and, based on the users location, showed people nearby along with their personal information, relationship status, friends, etc. Once the significance sank in, the app was very quickly labelled as “sexist” and “invasive” and it has since been taken down.

Without defending the claimed merits of the app, other than the title and graphics it was not sexist as it could be set to highlight people of any gender and orientation. Nor was it invasive as it used freely available information. What it did do was highlight the vast amount of information that people make available about themselves online, possibly without realizing the consequences. Once on the ‘Net, this information is available to virtually everyone on the planet. Don’t put it out there if you don’t want it out there.