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The DC-3, or Douglas Commercial 3, was built as the result of discussions with Transcontinental and Western Airlines (TWA) and American Airlines. It first flew (as a sleeper version) on December 17, 1935, on the 32nd anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight and was very popular with both airlines and passengers before WW2. During the war, it was used extensively for cargo and troop transport. Following the war, the DC-3 was overshadowed by the DC-4 and Lockheed Constellation.

Including civilian, military and license-built versions, over 16,000 were made. There are some 300 still in service today.

A Balanced Example

I wrote in an earlier post about the need for balance between marketing and sales organizations. On that subject, I spoke to a friend who is the Vice President of Marketing for a major aerospace manufacturer to ask him about their structure. He told me that, in...

SWOT’s Up? Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

I can’t overemphasize the importance of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) matrix. The SWOT must be completed before any brochure is written or sales presentation created as the key points to be made are all based on the SWOT. It’s usually...

Marketing Support for the Development Process

Marketing plays a vital role in the product or service development process. Marketing knows: Who else is making similar widgets; How to differentiate the planned widget from all other widgets; What the potential market is for the planned widget, and; What the price...

How Does Marketing Support Sales?

Good sales people will always be able to sell but, with good marketing support, they will be able to sell more. Think of bricklayers trying to build a wall. If they are standing in quicksand, they won’t be able to build a very high wall as they will sink when they try...

What is “Marketing”?

Many people include lead generation under the umbrella of Marketing but I think that is too broad a definition. I prefer to look at Marketing as separate from Marketing Communications, Lead Generation and Sales so that the process breaks down like this: Marketing...

Advanced Engine Technology

Advanced Engine Technology

Advanced turbine technology for business jet aircraft Taking a look inside some new engine designs to learn how improvements in fuel burn and power are being accomplished. Published in Professional Pilot Magazine, July, 2015.

BizJets By Computer – ProPilot Magazine

BizJets By Computer – ProPilot Magazine

Automation in Aircraft Design Along with CATIA, PLM—Product Lifecycle Management—worked well on Dassault's 7X and now the new Falcon 5X has also been designed with this state-of-the-art computer tool. Published in Professional Pilot Magazine, January 2014.