Will It Blend LogoWhile the BlendTec blenders are a consumer product, they are high-end and their example still applies in the B2B world. They are creating compelling content that drives people to their website (www.willitblend.com). This content takes the form of short videos that, while well made, are inexpensively produced. They follow one of two themes. The first being practical, showing how to use the blender for a variety of tasks in the kitchen and they demonstrate the unique capabilities of the BlendTec blender. To make guacamole for example, one does not need to remove the skin or the pit. Just put four or five whole avocados into the blender and push the button! The second category is decidedly impractical – this is the compelling content! This group includes showing the blending of, for example, an iPhone, an iPad, light sticks, tubes of crazy glue, paint balls, etc. Their YouTube channel has over 400,000 subscribers with nearly 200 million views! I had never heard of BlendTec before but I know that my next blender will be a BlendTec. If it can blend an iPhone successfully, I imagine that it would do a decent job on a frozen margarita.

The point is that, if you create compelling content that your customers want, be it helpful instructional videos, whitepapers, product updates, etc., your customers will want to visit your website repeatedly. This gives you more opportunities to interact with your customers in a positive way.