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TriLink Can Make Your Website So Easy To Update, You Won’t Need Us

wordpress-logo-circleThe websites that we design and build for our clients use WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS). While WordPress was originally a blogging tool, it has become a full-featured CMS used by over 60 million websites (as of September, 2012) around the world. It is easily supported as there are thousands of web hosting companies that provide the infrastructure required to run a WordPress-based website. Once installed (a 5 minute process), it is straight-forward for us to create and setup a semi-custom website (by “semi-custom”, we mean a website using a base theme from thousands available and then customized and configured to your requirements). After setup, it is easy for almost anyone to add and update content as desired. Our objective is to make it so easy to update your website that you don’t need us anymore. There is no longer any excuse for having an out-of-date website!


WordPress is “Open Source” which means that it is free! You can’t get less expensive than that. Like most other open-source software, it is maintained by an army of volunteers around the world.


As it is web-based, there is no software to install on your computer. By using your web browser to access the control panel, you can perform all edits from any computer.

Easy To Update

Adding or editing content is easy. As the content is stored separately from the presentation (the theme), the content is added through a simple text window. Media (images, download files, etc.) can be embedded in the pages easily, too.

There’s an App For That!

It’s even possible to add and update content from your mobile device, whether its an iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Blackberry or Windows device, using the apps available for free download.

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