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Website Design Factors

A good website design will enhance the effectiveness of your on-line presence as part of your aerospace marketing strategy.

Clear and Logical Flow

Your visitor should be able to easily navigate your website. All pages should be accessible from the main menu (or a sub-menu). Not only will this prevent frustration, it will help the search engines index your website. We have seen too many websites with pages that, once visited, cannot be easily found again. The search engine companies have repeatedly stressed that, if a site is easy for a visitor to follow, it will rank better with the search engines.

Obvious Call To Action

There should be no doubt in your visitors’ mind as to what you want them to do when viewing the home or any other page. There should be an obvious “Call To Action” that could be navigating to another page, downloading a white paper, signing up for a newsletter or picking up the telephone to call. Taking that action is called a “conversion”. Each page should have a conversion goal.

Consistency, Style and Colours

The look and feel of your site should be consistent from page to page. The main menu should always be in the same place and the colours should be, for the most part, complementary. Contrasting colours should be reserved for Calls To Action or other items deserving of special attention.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Make sure that your site design looks the same when viewed in different browsers. Everybody has their favourite, be it Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

TriLink Can Help

We can create a new website for you or review your existing website and make recommendations for improvements.

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