On-Line Content

Sabre - TriLink Aerospace MarketingWebsite content should give your aerospace customers a reason to return frequently. In addition to selling, compelling content will provide useful information. Technology white papers for download, commentary on industry trends, reviews of pending government regulations, etc. on your blog, etc. can all give your customer a reason to return to your website on a regular basis.


Downloads of interesting and informative material that is updated regularly is a great way to keep your visitors returning. It is also fair to capture their email prior to allowing the download. Don’t try to capture too much info from your visitor, though, as that can drive them away. You can alert customers to the new material via social media and direct email.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to address a customer subset in a more personal way. If you are handing out event-specific material at a trade show, provide a link to a specific web page that speaks directly to your visitors by saying “thanks for visiting us” and “here’s what we featured at the show”. Specific landing pages can also be the target of a link that you tweet via Twitter or post on a LinkedIn group.


A blog is a great way to share insights on just about any relevant topic as all blogging tools allow a single post to be assigned to one or more categories and tags. You can also have more than one writer on your blog. A great way to share the load (maintaining a blog requires consistent effort) is to rotate the duties. Start with a post from product development and then the next from flight test, etc.


It is now inexpensive to create reasonable quality videos of a few minutes duration and then post them on YouTube. Once there, it is easy to embed them in your website for your visitors. The emphasis should be on informative and/or entertaining videos such as short training segments, test sequences (shock, drop or fire tests can be dramatic), etc. The main objective should be to add new content regularly.

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