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Spitfire Mk XVI

The Supermarie Spitfire, originally designed by R.J. Mitchell, was used by the RAF and other Allied countries before, during and after WW2. During the Battle of Britain (July – October 1940) it was seen as the main fighter to stave off the Nazi aerial armadas, despite the fact that, at that time, the Hawker Hurricane was more numerous.

It was produced in 24 different versions (or marks) and a number of sub-variants. The Mk I was fitted with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine producing just over 1,000 HP. Later marks had a Rolls Royce Griffon, rated at over 2,300 HP. The defining characteristic are the elliptical wings which, while difficult to manufacture, provide for maximum aerodynamic performance.

While over 20,000 were built, only about 70 remain airworthy.

Aerospace Product/Service Management

Aerospace Product/Service Management, or Internal Marketing, covers all the internal activities to create the right product or service and the right evolutionary road-map.

Marketing Plans

A solid aerospace marketing plan is vital to the sales success of an organization. A good marketing plan provides a solid foundation for sales growth. With our years of experience in aerospace marketing, TriLink can produce a complete and effective marketing plan.

Optimized Websites

An optimized website provides several benefits including high search engine ranking, easy navigation and compelling content.

Social Media

TriLink can assist with the development and implementation of your Social Media campaign.


TriLink can provide one-on-one coaching or group training in the following areas:

  • Presentation Skills
  • SWOT Analysis Techniques
  • Proposal Management